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About Us


The Governor's Youth Commission (GYC) is a selected group of high school students representing the State of Arizona and tackling the most pressing issues facing its youth. The commission works hard to impact each and every county in the state through their respective focuses on distracted driving, education, domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse.


Our Workgroup


This year, the workgroup focused on getting input from members of our communities who have been physically and emotionally impacted by distracted driving. We understand that numbers and facts are always thrown around when trying to scare or intimidate new drivers into being safe on the road, but there is more to it. That is not what is truly going to impact the minds of drivers, but rather understanding how individual lives are changed due to driving distracted. The workgroup wants Arizonans to understand that one's safety and life are more important than changing a song on the radio, texting a friend, or scrolling on social media. A moment of distraction is not worth a lifetime of pain, so make the right decisions while driving.





Since its inception, the GYC has had the Distracted Driving Workgroup advocating for safe driving by all Arizonans. Distracted driving has always been an issue for the state of Arizona, especially for its youth who are new to driving and the dangers that come along with it. It is the responsibility of this workgroup to spread awareness and call on all drivers of Arizona to acknowledge the consequences of driving distracted and help them understand their actions on the road don't come without repercussions.

This Year

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